Friday, 25 November 2011

The Cursus Honorum

If students have the Polybius text, in book 6, pages 312-314, different levels of office are described.  compare these, if possible, with Mr Blaney's political hierarchy.

There is a  Wikipedia page describing the Cursus Honorum, the political hierarchy in Rome, but I think it is a later formalization of rules that didn't exist during the Punic Wars.

See also, this chart.

And this one:

Polybius and Narnia

Perhaps C.S. Lewis was not as groundbreaking and original as people had thought.  Polybius mentions Narnia during his description of the Second Punic War.  This Narnia has a Wikipedia page.  There, you can find a map showing Narnia's location.
From Wikipedia:
In 299 BC it became a Roman Municipality, and took the name Narnia. In 209 BC, it was destroyed by the Romans, for refusing to help pay for the war against Carthage. It was later rebuilt, and during the Roman times it was an outpost for the Roman army.